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During the 80’s, tattooing was not an open field and most tattoo artists were not into sharing information. Apprenticeships were slim back then. Gathering bits and pieces of the craft from watching other artists John proceeded to get the equipment and started tattooing. Shotsie Gorman had shown him the important basics in sterilization techniques and needle making. John’s friend Robert Balter had shared machine tips and other technical information. In 1984, John’s tattoo career began. Moving to California in December of 89, John worked with Kari Barbi before starting his private studio “Tattoo Expressions” in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

John has also had numerous publishings in some of the top Tattoo magazines (Tattoo, International Tattoo,  Tattoo Revue, etc).

Along the way, he has had the opportunity to work with Tom Berg (“Prison Break” and “Red Dragon” art work) , Ethan and Terry Morgan at So Cal Tattoo in San Pedro, Ca. and tattooed actor Don  Gibb (“Ogre” from “Revenge of the Nerds” and the viking in the Capital One commercials).

In 1995 he moved back to NJ, to work at Shotsie’s Tattoo in Wayne NJ and then Shotsie’s Tattoo West in Newfoundland NJ. John is now working at Winky Dink Ink Tattoos in Blauvelt,

NY. and can be texted at 973-747-5738 or email at

Along with tattooing, John is also a freelance computer graphic artist for a major toy company and does commissioned pencil/ charcoal drawings.

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